Library Collections

General collection of books

The collection comprises fiction and non-fiction books covering the various fields of knowledge. These materials are located in the Adult and Children’s Lending sections of the main library and lending areas in the Public branch libraries and Reading centres.  The books can be borrowed by registered members .

Reference collection

The collection comprises general and specific reference materials and includes books, reports, theses, newspapers, newsletters and magazines.

These materials are located in the Adult and Children Reference sections of the main library and reference areas in the Public branch libraries and Reading centres. The publications are on open shelves but for on-site consultation only.

Photocopying of parts of these materials for reference and research purposes are permitted conform to the Copyright Act 2014

Indian Ocean Collection (IOC)

IOC collection  comprises documents on Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion, Comores, Maldives, Mayotte  and Seychelles.
The collection is under closed-access and is located in the National library services unit.

ILO (International Labour Organization) Collection

The collection consists of documents published by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and is  located in the Adult reference section of the main library.

Extension activities collection

The collection which consists of books, educational games, pictures and posters is located in the Children’s library and under closed-access. The following groups can have access to these materials: parents and educators.

Parents’ Collection

The Children’s section in the main library holds a small collection of materials on various aspects of child development: social, physical and educational for parents. These materials are under closed-access and are loaned to parents and educators.

Seychelles Collection

It consists of documents on Seychelles islands and is available in all the Public branch libraries and reading centres.

Seselwana Collection  (The National Collection of Publications)

The Seselwana Collection comprises publications published in Seychelles, by Seychellois authors and about Seychelles. The Collection started with the enactment of the National Library Services Act of June 2010 whereby 3 copies of all documents published in Seychelles are deposited free of charge to the National Library