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ISBN service

A separate ISBN must be assigned to every title, or edition of a title by each publisher, but not to an unchanged impression or unchanged reprint of the same format by the same publisher. Revised editions require a new ISBN. A price change does not call for a new ISBN. Changes of the format induce a new ISBN. An ISBN, once assigned, can never be re-used under any circumstances.

It is the responsibility of all publishers to inform their group agency or organisation responsible for the maintenance of the title registration of the ISBNs that have been assigned to publish and forthcoming books.

Any publisher who would want to publish should call the Seychelles ISBN Agency of the Seychelles National Library who have the mandate to assign ISBN prefixes locally.

Seychelles ISBN Agency
Seychelles National Library
P.O Box 45
Tel: (+248) 4 321333 Ext 8102    Fax : (+248) 4 323183

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ISSN service 

The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a brief, unique, unambiguous and internationally used identification number for serial publications.

It allows the exchange of information about serials between the computer systems of different organizations.