General Rules & Regulations

    • Bags and briefcases must be left at the bag deposit desk in the lobby.
    • All valuables such as money/wallets or purses, jewels, mobile phones, and others, must not be left at the bag deposit desk.
    •  Library users must allow security/library officers to examine books, files and other materials when entering or leaving the library.
    • Smoking is prohibited in the building.
    • Talking loudly or making noise which disturb other readers are prohibited.
    •  Animals are prohibited in the building.
    •  Sleeping in the library is prohibited.
    •  Spitting is prohibited in the building.
    • Food and drinks are not allowed in the library.
    • Ring volume on mobile phones must be turned off in the library, and answering of mobile telephones must be done outside the library.
    • Users are not allowed to transfer library materials from one section to another unless authorised by the library officer.
    • Reference collections, periodicals and educational games can only be used in the library.
    •  Users must register themselves as library members in order to be able to take out books on loan.
    • Non-members can use the library for reference and reading purposes, photocopying, and to access the Internet.
    • Photocopying must conform to the Copyright Act of 2014.
    • Children below the age of 7 must always be accompanied by a responsible person who should ensure that they do not disturb other users by running around and talking loudly.
      Library users have to dress appropriately and to maintain a good personal hygiene.
    • Library users are not permitted to give private lessons only in designated library areas. in the library.
    • Library users have to dress appropriately and to maintain a good personal hygiene.
    • Library users will not be allowed to use library facilities should they in any way contravene the library regulations.
    • The rules and regulations of the library are subject to amendment as and when necessary.
    • Conduct in the library
      The librarian has the power to expel from the library any person behaving in an unseemly manner.
    • Any person guilty of repeated unseemly behavior may be permanently excluded from the library, and shall have the right of appeal to the Ministry whose decision shall be final.
    • Irregular removal of books
      Any person removing from the library any book, periodical, pamphlet or other library materials contrary to these regulations shall be deemed guilty of an offence and shall be liable upon conviction to a fine.
    • Fine for damaging properties
      Any person willfully damaging any properties other than documents appertaining to the Seychelles National library shall be liable to a fine.
  • General penalty
    Any person committing a breach of these regulations not otherwise provided for shall be liable on conviction to a fine.