E-books Loan

The Library is providing a free loan service of e-books and audio books. The service is open to users of all age groups from Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

Users are allowed to borrow 3 books for 14 days. To access this free service, users must first contact the Library to register and to obtain their login information. They can then start borrowing books straight away via a web browser or through the dedicated e-reader which they can download free of charge. Users can then download their books onto the App or read on their computer, once downloaded they can read their books even if they don’t have access to the internet.

Users also have the option to manage their loans themselves, they can return their books, renew their due date or reserve books without contacting the Library.

To make use of this service, users can either come to register themselves at the Library or download the registration E-book User registration form

Users can  leave their completed forms at the Reading Centres on Ile Perseverance, Roche Caiman or Pointe Larue, at the Branch libraries at Grand Anse Praslin, Baie Sainte Anne Praslin and La Digue or in Room 301, 3rd Floor,  Kanna Mall, in Victoria.

They can also email the completed forms  to:  loansreg@gmail.com.  For more information please call 4387661 or 2724960.